Best Time to Visit Sydney

Visit Sydney Australia in mid October and November. Experience fewer crowds, good weather, and cheaper hotel rates during this time. These months are perfect for sightseeing and hiking. Traveling in late spring allows you to escape the heat and humidity present during the summer months (December – February). During the summer season, it is easier to get physically drained because of the heat. In contrast, the summer months are perfect for those who wish to spend their vacation swimming or engaging in water sports. If you would like to engage in both sighting seeing and water activities choose late November for your trip. It should be warm enough to swim and cool enough not to get overheated while touring the local attractions. While in Sydney be sure to check out the amazing Manly and Bondi beaches.


During October and November, there are many special events you can enjoy. During mid October and November, you can attend Sculpture by the Sea that takes place a Bondi beach. This is the largest free exhibition of sculptures. In October you can also check out Oktoberfest in the Gardens that occurs during the last Saturday of the month. In addition, Volleyfest occurs in November.


While visiting Sydney you will want to make sure you find the best accommodations for the best price. Traveling during late spring ensures that you avoid paying higher hotel rates that can be found in the high season. Finding a places to stay in Sydney that is close to attractions like the Sydney Tower or Hyde park will help cut down on travel costs. Traveling in late spring allows being able to travel on foot to nearby destinations which may not be possible when the heat is too strong in summer and the rain too disruptive from April to September.


While walking around the Sydney area you will want to make sure you are close to both attractions and restaurants. Fraser Suites Sydney offers 711 restaurants and 89 popular attractions close to their facility within .5km walking distance. They would be worth investigating for a possible place to stay within the city; especially, if you plan on taking advantage of Sydney in the spring.