Is urbanwear still trending in Australia

The power of words is a strange thing, I assume like most people you aren’t aware of the origin of the word “terrific”, like myself you smiled when you learned that it originally described something that caused terror. You can add the word street wear to the list of words that have strayed far from their original meaning. The word that once described a style of dress that wasn’t meant to be flattering, regularly consisting of baggy trousers, t-shirts and sneakers, these days it has branched out to encompass a whole new industry.

It has left the streets far behind and now can be found strutting the catwalks at Sydney fashion week. I find it difficult to differentiate between street wear and haute couture, while people ideas of what constitutes street wear differ greatly, it is still popular on the streets of most Australian towns, cities and villages today.

What has happened is that the concept has evolved to be a blend between, fashion-conscious new schoolers, hip-hop loving old-schoolers and nearly everything that can be considered to fall between.

Here are examples of three street wear brands that have not only evolved with the trend, but they are also creating offshoots of the style too.


They have made their name by creating demand through releasing very limited amounts of their creations, Not conventional, but it certainly works. The fact that their ever-growing customer base is willing to camp out all night to get their hands on the latest fashions, which can be as simple as a brick with the brand on the side, certainly points towards a successful brand.


Famous for creating Urbanwear Australia styles for nearly 40 years, his graphic t-shirts have by creating a buzz on the streets for years. He now supplies urban wear for skate and surf enthusiasts. It is the original street wear brand, the one every brand wants to be


These are but two of the brands that are popular among Australia’s avid street wear fashionistas