Where to stay on Hamilton Island

White sand beaches adorned with palm trees accompanied by glistening turquoise water…. Sounds great right? But those images don’t come without another image, of a decidedly different kind: money signs and the hassle of having to wrangle airfare, accommodation, activities. At times it can feel like a dream vacation is more nightmare than dream.

Hamilton Island located in the Whitsundays of North Queensland offers unparalleled access to the Great Barrier Reef and a lifetime of memories, oh and the white sand beaches, and turquoise water, that’s there too. Perhaps the greatest thing about Hamilton island is the lack of headache you will experience while staying on the island, getting there is a breeze and you won’t break the bank either.

Once you’re on the island you will need a place to stay, in between bouts of Swimming, snorkeling, spa treatments, and golfing, a nap is always good. When looking for the best accommodation on Hamilton Island has to offer be sure to check out the Reef View Hotel with rooms starting at $370 a night. Traveling with young ones? At the Reef View Hotel kids under the age of 12 stay and eat for free.

The hotel provides a 35 mm swimming pool as well as access to all main resort pools, if you enjoy a little salt water added to your swim the hotel is a short walk from Catseye beach. The rooms themselves are spacious yet practical with all the modern amenities you’d expect to have in 2019. Perhaps the best feature that the Reef View Hotel offers are the astonishing views of the Great Barrier Reef or the pristine on site gardens that allow guests to take it all in without leaving the comfort of their room. Remember your dream vacation doesn’t have to be just a dream, make it a reality.